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Note: AO+ Mist is sold under the "Mother Dirt" Brand outside of China

Feburary 19, 2020 5 brands that take sustainability personally
Feburary 19, 2020 New Beauty: 10 Prebiotic and Probiotic Products That Live Up to the Hype
Feburary 3, 2020 WCVB Boston: The right way to do it
January 14, 2020 Medium: No Showers, No Soap, Perfect Skin? Meet the Bacteria Facial
January 11, 2020 Expat Living Beauty News: Plant-based Probiotic Skincare
January 8, 2020 6 Ways Your Workout Can Screw With Your Skin — and How to Get Your Glow Back
December 4, 2019 Cosmetics Design Asia: Same, but different: AOBiome aims to capture China market with Mother Dirt 'twin'
December 2, 2019 Hong Kong Living: The best beauty treatments to get you ready for party season
November 29, 2019 Time Out Magazine: Christmas Gift Guide
November 26, 2019 Expat Living: Christmas Gift Ideas for all the Family
November 12, 2019 ChinaSSPP: 2019亚太美容展注重创新 AO+引领护肤生活新观念
November 12, 2019 Marie Claire China: 2019亚太美容展注重创新 AO+引领护肤生活新观念
November 12, 2019 Rayli: 2019亚太美容展注重创新 AO+引领护肤生活新观念
November 6, 2019 Tajmeeli:لبشرة-صافية-كالاطفال-مجموعة-من-افضل-ان
October 27, 2019 The Guardian: Bare-faced chic: Funmi Fetto’s good skin guide
October 17, 2019 NY Times: Why Do Parents Keep Hearing About the Microbiome?
September 6, 2019 How AO+ Mist created a skin health category
September 3, 2019 New York Post: These women don’t use soap in the shower — and they’re proud of it
August 27, 2019 Cosmetic Design Europe
August 22, 2019 Mother Dirt expands into Harvey Nichols
August 22, 2019 I Stopped Using Soap & Shampoo For A Year And Here's What Went Down
August 15, 2019 兰蔻、宝洁、多芬都出了微生物版本的护肤品,皮肤菌群到底是怎么一回事
August 5, 2019 'I don’t smell!' Meet the people who have stopped washing
August 2, 2019 Sassy: This New Probiotic Skincare Brand Is Set To Make Its Mark In Hong Kong
July 25, 2019 Cosmetics Design Europe: Mother Dirt founder reveals more about microbiome skin care
July 16, 2019 Because(UK): Mother Dirt's AO+ Mist will turn your sweat into nutrients
July 3, 2019 Byrdie: This Mist Is the Skincare Equivalent of Rolling Around in Mud
June 18, 2019 CBN News: Breakout Breakthrough: Clear-Up Your Complexion With Dirt
April 29, 2019 NPR Marketplace: Bringing bacteria to the market
April 24, 2019 The world’s best-known antibacterial labels are pouring millions into probacterial health and beauty startups
April 24, 2018 Women's Health UK: 6 Things In Your Bathroom That Aren't Sustainable + The Best Swaps
April 23, 2018 Cosmopolitan: Meet Mother Dirt, the world's first live bacteria skincare
March 28, 2018 Dr. Whitney's Picks: Mother Dirt AO+ Mist for Face and Body
March 24, 2018 Allure: 8 of the Best Skin-Care Products Infused with Probiotics
March 15, 2018 Daily Mom: Reclaim Your Skin With Mother Dirt
March 15, 2018 Harper's BAZAAR UK: Why the bacteria on your face could help prevent skin cancer
March 15, 2018 Bobcut: Big Beauty Edit 2018
March 14, 2018 Total Beauty: 11 Products That Are Lifesavers When You Can't Shower
March 07, 2018 Well + Good: 6 Things You Learn When You Go *Deep* On Microbiome Research
February 23, 2018 Martha Stewart: Gucci Westman on the Beauty Products She Really Uses
February 14, 2018 Made Safe: Nontoxic Nookie: A Made Safe Guide to Valentine's Day
February 14, 2018 Elite Daily: Mother Dirt Reviews Inspired Me To Put Live Bacteria On My Face
February 10, 2018 Sierra Club: 16 Ways to Say "I Love You Like You Love the Planet"
February 06, 2018 Clean Beauty Collection: The Guide To Probiotic Skincare
January 29, 2018 Total Beauty: Why You Should Be Putting Probiotics on Your Face
January 24, 2018 Stylist UK: The cult US brands hitting the UK in 2018
January 24, 2018 Bulletproof Blog: The Most Important Natural Beauty Swaps to Make This Year
January 23, 2018 The Health Mason: Clean Skincare: Focusing on the Face [Pt. 1]
January 15, 2018 Outside Magazine: Does Your Gut Hold the Secret to Performance?
December 31, 2017 HealthyWay: According To Dermatologists, These Are The Best Face Washes for Every Skin Type
December 14, 2017 Harper's BAZAAR: December beauty launches you need to know about
December 13, 2017 Shape: Should You Be Using Probiotic Skin-Care Products?
December 13, 2017 Made Safe: Gift Guide: Personal Care & Cosmetics
December 12, 2017 HBFIT: Holiday Gift Guide: Health
December 06, 2017 HealthyWay: Clean Up Your Skin...With Bacteria?
December 05, 2017 Well + Good: A New Wave Of Skin-Care Products Is Protecting You From The Tech World And Pollution
November 30, 2017 Elle UK: Mother Dirt Is The Skincare Brand That Wants You To Put Live Bacteria On Your Face
November 28, 2017 Organic Authority: 3 Bacteria-Infused Beauty Products to Restore Your Skin's Microbiome
November 21, 2017 Stylist: A new movement in cleansing reduction wants us to wash less
November 20, 2017 Organic Authority: Here's Why This Probiotic Skincare Line Wants You To Put Bacteria On Your Face
November 17, 2017 Byrdie UK: This Mist Is The Skincare Equivalent Of Rolling Around In Mud
November 14, 2017 Cosmetics Design: Good Housekeeping hosts first-annual Green Summit
November 14, 2017 Well + Good: Your Body Odor Is Sending You Messages - Here's What They Mean
November 13, 2017 The Telegraph: Would you put bacteria on your face? This brand thinks you should
November 13, 2017 The Glow Getter: New in Natural / Organic Beauty & Lifestyle
October 31, 2017 The Chalkboard: Toxic Timeout: 5 Petrochemicals in Beauty To Know + Avoid
October 26, 2017 The Health Mason: Natural Beauty: Non-Toxic Makeup [Pt. 2]
October 24, 2017 She Knows: The New Rules for Cleaning With Kids
October 23, 2017 GQ India: Bacteria is good for you (sometimes)
October 19, 2017 Allure: 9 Skin-Care Products Infused With Probiotics to "Dirty Up" Your Skin
October 19, 2017 Allure: What Happened When I Swore Off Soap and Tried Probiotic Skin Care for Two Weeks
October 06, 2017 Breakfast Television Toronto: Healthy food and beauty trends for the fall
October 05, 2017 Well + Good: Could Showering a *LOT* Less Be The Ultimate Beauty Biohack?
October 02, 2017 Megan Schwarz: Skin Series: My Shampoo Holy Grail
September 18, 2017 MindBodyGreen: News Flash: These Are The Natural Beauty Trends You Need To Know This Year
September 17, 2017 BRIT + CO: 10 Indie Beauty Brands to Put on Your Radar Now
September 05, 2017 Shape: Everything You Need to Know About Your Skin Microbiome
August 24, 2017 The Sun Daily: Is it time to go probiotic with your skincare?
August 21, 2017 Bustle: 9 Common Grooming Mistakes You're Probably Making In The Shower
August 21, 2017 O'REILLY: Where beauty and biotechnology intersect
August 09, 2017 Bustle: 10 Things You Aren't Doing In The Shower, But Should Be
August 08, 2017 GQ: For Healthy Skin, Just Add...Bacteria?
August 08, 2017 Beauty Packaging: Mother Dirt Promotes 'Family Size' Bottles
July 27, 2017 TODAY: Want healthier hair? 5 tips to protect your strands this summer
July 18, 2017 Happi: Mother Dirt's Probiotic AO+ Mist Earns 'Made Safe' Label
July 17, 2017 MADE SAFE: First MADE SAFE Certified Live Probiotic Skincare Product
July 16, 2017 Domino: Why You Need Probiotics in Your Skincare Routine
July 07, 2017 GQ UK: 7 best new grooming products in the world this week
July 06, 2017 Eluxe Magazine: How Natural Probiotic Skincare Products Can Help Save Your Face
June 28, 2017 The Glow Getter: The D-Low on Dimethicone
June 19, 2017 Teen Vogue: These SUPER Weird Beauty Products Are Actually Brilliant
June 19, 2017 Cosmetics Design Europe: Probiotic Skincare - A Small Niche With Massive Potential
June 14, 2017 Bustle: The 9 Worst Shower Mistakes Women Make And How To Fix Them
June 01, 2017 RuPaul Podcast: What's The Tee?
May 24, 2017 MindBodyGreen: 4 Things That Are Destroying Your Skin Microbiome + Exactly What To Do Instead
May 24, 2017 Well + Good: Is This The Secret To Your Best Skin Ever?
May 10, 2017 Hello Glow: Everything You Need To Know About Probiotic Skincare
May 04, 2017 Huffington Post: Women in Business Q & A: Jasmina Aganovic, President, Mother Dirt
May 04, 2017 Refinery 29: The Invisible Secret That Will Change Your Skin Forever
May 04, 2017 Beauty and Well Being: Mother Dirt
May 04, 2017 Whole Foods Magazine: Endless Naturals
May 04, 2017 Shape: Does Your Skin Need to See a Psychologist?
May 01, 2017 Marie Claire: This Probiotic Spray Is Like the Febreeze of Hygiene
April 27, 2017 Shape: New Ways to Add Probiotics to Your Diet
April 18, 2017 Forbes: Jasmina Aganovic: How She Became A Successful Intrapreneur
April 17, 2017 Men's Health: "I Haven't Washed My Hair Since I Was 12. Here's Why."
April 12, 2017 Global Cosmetics News: In-Cosmetics Global 2017: Everything you need to know about beauty;s biggest trends
April 12, 2017 Forbes: Jasmina Aganovic: How She Became A Successful Intrapreneur
April 10, 2017 Bustle: 9 Things You Aren't Doing In The Bathroom, But Should Be (And the Products That Can Help)
April 07, 2017 Mark's Daily Apple: 19 Personal Care Products I Use or Like
March 31, 2017 Ask an Esthetician: Q&A With Mother Dirt President Jasmina Aganovic
March 29, 2017 Mott & Elizabeth: A.M. Routine and the Microbiome
March 27, 2017 Foundermade: Mother Dirt
March 22, 2017 Daily Fashionista: CEW: Rethinking the Way We Do Beauty
March 13, 2017 The Daily Mail: Latest treatment for acne and eczema? Rubbing good bacteria into your skin
March 12, 2017 Mind Body Green: Your Skin Will Love This Sweat-Eating Bacteria
March 08, 2017 Wellness Mama: Podcast 62: Good Clean Dirt with Jasmina Aganovic of Mother Dirt
March 08, 2017 Foundermade: Jasmina Aganovic of Mother Dirt at Foundermade
March 08, 2017 Refinery 29: The Best New Shampoos For Your Hair Type & Budget
March 07, 2017 Bustle: 20 Weird But Genius Products That Solve Every Body Odor Concern
March 04, 2017 BAAAM: Nya hudvårdstrenden: Fixa problemhyn med superbakterier
February 16, 2017 Cosmopolitan Finland: Tämä raaka-aine on saanut kosmetiikkafanit sekaisin – saattaa auttaa myös akneen
February 10, 2017 Bustle: 11 Clarifying Shampoos That'll Get Rid Of Scalp Buildup ASAP
February 09, 2017 The Tim Ferriss Show: Soman Chainani- The School for Good and Evil
February 02, 2017 Bella Mocha: How spraying on bacteria could do "wonders for your skin."
February 01, 2017 Esquire Latino: Este Hombre Lleva 12 Anos sin Banarse y No Tiene Mal Olor
February 01, 2017 ASU Now: Diagnostic goes digital with technology conceived at ASU
January 29, 2017 ViralNova: Are We Showering Too Much? This Guy's Answer Is A Definite Yes
January 27, 2017 The National Student: Showering too much can be bad for us
January 26, 2017 Bustle: How Often Should You Shower? Probably Not As Much As You Think, Surprisingly
January 26, 2017 WDRM102.1: The Real Dirt on Showering
January 25, 2017 Cosmopolitan: There's a good chance you're showering too much
January 24, 2017 Elite Daily: How Much You Shower Is Destroying Your Digestion, Science Says
January 18, 2017 Vanitatis: Cremas con bacterias: la siguiente generación de cosméticos ya está aquí
January 05, 2017 The Chalkboard: 5 Groundbreaking Beauty Products from the Indie Beauty Expo
January 05, 2017 Nylon: How Probiotics Will Help You Achieve Your Clearest Skin
December 21, 2016 Beauty Finds Adventures: My Top 10 Indie Beauty Expo Get to Know List
December 16, 2016 Allure: The New Beauty Innovations to Expect in 2017
December 08, 2016 Fairfield County Look: Green Gifting 2016: Know More…Gift Better!
November 30, 2016 Vogue France:Cheveux grunge et soin aux bactéries : et si on adoptait la nouvelle vague du dirty ? En savoir plus sur
November 29, 2016 The Thinking Cap: Mother Dirt
November 29, 2016 About Style: New and Innovative Skin Care Products and Devices
November 28, 2016 Garden Collage: 5 Game-Changing Probiotic Hacks
November 21, 2016 Spring.St: 4 Crazy-Sounding Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work
November 08, 2016 Well Rounded: Probiotic Skincare for Pregnancy and Postpartum
November 03, 2016 Bustle: 9 Bizarre But Effective Things To Fight Body Odor That You’ve Never Heard Of
November 02, 2016 Flare: Microbiome Skincare: Is Bacteria the Key to Perfect Skin?
October 22, 2016 Refinery 29: The Many Uses Of Turmeric
October 18, 2016 Marie Veronique: Natural Skin Care Should be Effective, Not Just Safe
October 12, 2016 Discover: Mother Dirt
October 09, 2016 W Magazine: The Best Anti-Aging Products to Ease your Skin into the Cold
October 06, 2016 FutureDerm: Is Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria the Key to Better Skin?
September 23, 2016 I Tried It: I Bathed in Live Bacteria for a Month
September 20, 2016 Skin Microbiome Company Mother Dirt Launches First-Ever Biome-Friendly Moisturizer
September 12, 2016 14 Weird Beauty Ingredients I Can’t Get Enough Of
September 12, 2016 Can a Daily Bacteria Spray Really Make You Smell Better Without Soap?
September 11, 2016 The Verge: Truth, lies, and hair products
March 01, 2016 ELLE: April Long investigates the pros of probiotics
February 26, 2016 WGBH Midday Interview Boston Public Radio, hosted by Jim Braude and Margery Eagan
February 01, 2016 Town and Country: Is Bacteria the Secret to Healthy Skin?
January 23, 2016 The Atlantic: What Is the Right Way to Wash Your Hands?
December 17, 2015 US News: No Soap, No Shampoo, No Problem: Why Some Paleo Followers Are Shunning Conventional Hygiene Products
December 16, 2015 IMPAKTER: Does Mother Dirt Know Best?
December 07, 2015 Metro: Here's what happens when you use this 'miracle' bacteria spray instead of showering
November 27, 2015 TheHumanBluPrint: Mother Dirt
November 18, 2015 Wakefield: You'll never have to shower again if you use this probiotic spray. Seriously.
November 17, 2015 Babble: Science says you should skip bath time tonight.
November 16, 2015 Mother Nature Network: A guy who hasn't showered in 12 years just helped launch a skin care company
November 12, 2015 CBS Philly: Health, A Little Dirt May Have Some Big Beauty Benefits
November 06, 2015 Chronicle: Replacing Soap with Bacteria! (@ 3:08)
November 06, 2015 Live Science: Get a Whiff of This: Man Hasn't Showered in 12 Years
November 05, 2015 Inventor Spot: 'Mother Dirt' Product Does Away With The Need For Showering, But Would You Want To?
November 01, 2015 BuzzFeed: What Happens When You Give Up Deodorant For A Week?
October 30, 2015 IDEAS UMass Boston 2015: Jasmina Aganovic: President, Mother Dirt
October 26, 2015 The Frisky: Beauty Test Drive, Mother Dirt Is Live Bacteria For Cleaning Your Body (And It Actually Works)
October 10, 2015 NPR | On Point with Tom Ashbrook: Are We Really Too Clean?
October 10, 2015 NPR: No Shower, No Problem - Just Spritz With Bacteria
October 07, 2015 MOTHERBOARD: The Chemist Who Hasn't Showered in 12 Years Explains Why He Doesn't Stink
September 23, 2015 Aol: Scientist hasn't showered in 12 years
September 23, 2015 Katie Couric: Man Who Hasn't Showered in 12 Years Makes Us Question Everything We Know About Cleanliness
September 16, 2015 Reddit: IamA (Dave Whitlock from AMA!
September 08, 2015 Daily News: Massachusetts chemical engineer who hasn't showered in 12 years helps launch skin care product line with natural bacteria
September 05, 2015 Daily Mail: 'I haven't taken a shower in 12 years': MIT scientist gives up on washing and claims to keep clean by spraying live bacteria on his skin
September 04, 2015 CBS Boston: Cambridge Company Says Live Bacteria Spray Will Keep You Clean
August 19, 2015 Vogue Paris: Probiotiques spécial belle peau
August 02, 2015 The Improper Bostonian: A Germ of an Idea
July 22, 2015 Bloomberg Businessweek: The Bacteria Solution: A cosmetics startup knows that live microbes are the secret to healthier skin. Will anyone believe that?
July 08, 2015 Slate: Now You Can Buy Shampoo and Cleanser That Promote the Growth of "Good" Bacteria
July 07, 2015 The Boston Globe: Bacteria in a bottle? AOBiome offers ways to stay clean without traditional soap
June 23, 2015 CNBC Nightly Business Report: AOBiome in the News
June 15, 2015 AMI Podcast: Episode 9: The skin microbiome and AOBiome with Dr. Larry Weiss
February 09, 2015 Fast Company: AOBiome selected by Fast Company as one of the World's Top Innovative Companies of 2015
December 31, 2014 Marie Claire: The Next Big Thing: Sci-fi Skincare, The answer to a better complexion could be bacteria
November 30, 2014 Prevention: Miracle Bugs
May 23, 2014 The Boston Globe: Can AOBiome keep you cleaner with bacteria?
May 22, 2014 The New York Times: Writer Goes Without Soap, Shampoo and Deodorant for a Month
May 22, 2014 Good Morning America: Writer Goes Without Soap, Shampoo and Deodorant for a Month