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Note: AO+ Mist is sold under the "Mother Dirt" Brand outside of China

December 23, 2019 Prestige: Why Good Bacteria is the Best Thing for Your Skin
December 4, 2019 Cosmetics Design Asia: Same, but different: AOBiome aims to capture China market with Mother Dirt 'twin'
December 2, 2019 Hong Kong Living: The best beauty treatments to get you ready for party season
November 29, 2019 Time Out Magazine: Christmas Gift Guide
November 26, 2019 Expat Living: Christmas Gift Ideas for all the Family
November 12, 2019 ChinaSSPP: 2019亚太美容展注重创新 AO+引领护肤生活新观念
November 12, 2019 Marie Claire China: 2019亚太美容展注重创新 AO+引领护肤生活新观念
November 12, 2019 Rayli: 2019亚太美容展注重创新 AO+引领护肤生活新观念
November 6, 2019 Tajmeeli:لبشرة-صافية-كالاطفال-مجموعة-من-افضل-ان
October 27, 2019 The Guardian: Bare-faced chic: Funmi Fetto’s good skin guide
October 17, 2019 NY Times: Why Do Parents Keep Hearing About the Microbiome?
September 6, 2019 How AO+ Mist created a skin health category
September 3, 2019 New York Post: These women don’t use soap in the shower — and they’re proud of it
August 27, 2019 Cosmetic Design Europe
August 22, 2019 Mother Dirt expands into Harvey Nichols
August 22, 2019 I Stopped Using Soap & Shampoo For A Year And Here's What Went Down
August 15, 2019 兰蔻、宝洁、多芬都出了微生物版本的护肤品,皮肤菌群到底是怎么一回事
August 5, 2019 'I don’t smell!' Meet the people who have stopped washing
August 2, 2019 Sassy: This New Probiotic Skincare Brand Is Set To Make Its Mark In Hong Kong
July 25, 2019 Cosmetics Design Europe: Mother Dirt founder reveals more about microbiome skin care
July 16, 2019 Because(UK): Mother Dirt's AO+ Mist will turn your sweat into nutrients
July 3, 2019 Byrdie: This Mist Is the Skincare Equivalent of Rolling Around in Mud
June 18, 2019 CBN News: Breakout Breakthrough: Clear-Up Your Complexion With Dirt
May 22, 2014 The New York Times: Writer Goes Without Soap, Shampoo and Deodorant for a Month

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