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What is AO+ Mist?
AO+ Mist is a patented, live probiotic spray for the skin. The spray consists of strain of safe live-cultured AOB (Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) that consume the ammonia in your sweat and convert it into healthy components for your skin (nitric oxide and nitrite). It is good bacteria that used to live on our skin, but our modern life-styles and products have removed it from our bodies. AOB is still found in nature, in rich soil where plants thrive. It is also found on people in cultures who do not live modern life-styles such as in the Amazon and Papua New Guinea.

What are “AOB” (Ammonia-Oxidizing-Bacteria)?
Ammonia-Oxidizing-Bacteria (AOB), also known as “Nitrifying Bacteria” are microorganisms that consume ammonia for energy and are present wherever a nitrogen cycle is taking place. This means wherever you find ammonia (their energy source), this class of bacteria will be found. The only anomaly to this is human skin, which we think is due to the effects of modern lifestyle. 

How is Bacteria good for me?
Yes! This bacteria actually does good! Similarly to how probiotics are “good bacteria” for the stomach, this AOB product is good for the skin. AOB are found everywhere in nature and have never been implicated in any human illness over the many decades that they have been researched. Although our strain is cultured and produced to cosmetic grade quality it has the same safe properties as natural AOB. AO+ Mist is non-pathogenic - i.e. the live bacteria lack the genetic machinery needed to cause infection.

How does the AOB in the AO+ Mist work?
The AOB in theAO+ Mist work by consuming the irritating compounds produced by your skin (like ammonia and urea in sweat), and in turn producing beneficial byproducts. Specifically, AOB produce Nitrite and Nitric Oxide. Nitrite tames the bad bacteria and promotes the good bacteria on the skin. Nitric Oxide is a key antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. These two byproducts together do a great deal to help promote healthy skin.

How do I use the AO+ Mist?
First, shake the bottle. Then spray twice a day. Be sure to focus on areas with high amounts of sweat glands: the face, scalp, underarms, groin, hands, and feet. Great times to spray are: after showers, after swimming in a pool (rinse the chlorinated water off first!), before workouts, and in the evenings before bed. Most importantly - experiment! See what works best for you in terms of routine, frequency and quantity. 

When do the products expire?
Unlike most other products in your bathroom, you'll notice all of our products have an expiration date. That's because none of our products contain preservatives. The Mist will keep its potency for 9 months in the fridge or 4 weeks at room temperature.

How do you protect the products during shipping? What if I live somewhere hot?
Don’t be concerned about the temperature upon arrival. Room temperature is not harmful to the AOBs in your bottle unless it is for extended periods of time (the AOB lose activity after about 4 - 5 weeks at room temp). It's really the temperature extremes that are harmful.  While the AOB in the Mist do have temperature sensitivity, they are not as sensitive as you might think. They are happy and active across a large range of temperatures: between 2 degrees and 45 degrees Celsius. 

What is the science behind your products?
Our cosmetic products were developed by our parent company,AOBiome Therapeutics, To learn more about the science behind AOB and our ongoing research, check out our therapeutic research division, AOBiome Therapeutics.

Will temperature extremes while shipping hurt my product?
The short answer is no, temperature extremes experienced during shipping will not cause harm to your Mist. We’ve done extensive temperature and shipping testing to make sure the AOB in your Mist are in good condition when they arrive. While the AOB in the Mist do have temperature sensitivity, they are not as sensitive as you might think. They are happy and active across a large range of temperatures: between 32 degrees and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can these bacteria cause harm if ingested?
No. These bacteria don't have the ability to contribute to colds or infections of any kind. They are non-pathogenic and various sequencings of our strain as well as many others confirm that they genetically do not contain the ability to take on pathogenic characteristics. That said, this is a product meant for topical use only.

Are your products sulfate-free?
We know that many people are concerned about sulfates in cosmetic products, and we are happy to report that we do not formulate our products with sulfates.

Do you use harsh chemicals in your products?
Everything is a “chemical” including water. So the fear of “chemicals” is typically around the use of harsh or toxic ingredients. It is an important value of ours that we make products that don't pose harm to people or the environment. All of our ingredients are plant-derived. We have taken special care throughout our entire supply chain to source raw materials that are sustainable and ethically produced. We have also performed impurity and safety tests to ensure, to the best degree we can, that our products safe and mild

How is the AO+ Mist any better than other non-living / freeze-dried / live probiotics?
AOBiome Cosmetics is the consumer products division of AOBiome Therapeutic, a health-sciences company studying the skin microbiome. The AOBiome team of scientists and researchers believe that there are real issues with many probiotic skincare product - whether living, freeze-dried, or non-living - and for a number of reasons, chief among these being quality control and assurance. All AOBiome products are packaged and filled in U.S. facilities that meet or exceed the FDA’s proposed Cosmetic GMPs, and every facility that packages AOBiome products is registered with the FDA. Additionally, each batch of AOBiome product undergoes strict quality control testing before being released for sale.

How does the bacteria in the AO+ Mist differ from the bacteria in yogurt? (Or probiotics in general.)
While their general function is the same, the types of bacteria used are very different. This is because there are many different kinds of bacteria and each thrive in different environments. The environment of the gut is very different from the environment of the skin. <br /><br />Probiotics in the form of yogurt or supplements target the gut biome. These types of bacteria need to be able to withstand more acidic environments. Though these products also aim to shift the balance of good and bad bacteria, they would not be suitable for the skin, and vice-versa.The AO+ Mist uses a bacteria suited for the skin: AOB - a family of bacteria that consume ammonia found in our sweat, in turn producing beneficial byproducts that lead to healthier looking skin.

What about traveling with my products?
All of our products are no more than 3.4 fluid ounces and TSA-approved for carry-on. We always recommend keeping the Mist in your carry-on bag to ensure that the live AOB (Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria) are not exposed to the extreme temperatures of the checked-bag cargo hold. Extreme temperatures will affect the live bacteria in the Mist, so better to play it safe and bring them aboard.  Freezing temperatures are always bad!

Why is there only one strain of bacteria in the Mist? Isn't diversity good, too?
Yes, diversity is generally good! The good thing about the AOB is that they are crucial to restoring balanced skin microbiome. This means they act as a peacekeeper, helping decrease the bad bacteria and allowing more good bacteria  of various kinds.

I don't live in Hong Kong or Mainland China. How can I order your products?
The AO+ Mist is sold elsewhere in the world under the brand name of Mother Dirt and is available via their website.

What is your policy with returns and/or exchanges?
If you purchase an AOBiome product and are dissatisfied for any reason, just send us an email at support@aobiomecosmetics.hk. We will issue a full refund or send you a replacement, according to your preference, right away. We believe in our product and have a no risk refund policy.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, please email us at orders@aobiomecosmetics.hk or contact us on Wechat.