Getting Started with the AO+ Mist

Spraying live bacteria on your skin isn't the first thing you think of for skin care, but when we think about our AO+ Mist as a Probiotic for the skin it becomes, Why Not!.

Think of the AO+ Mist as a finishing step. It should be the very last step in any routine (on top of any other products like makeup, spf etc). We recommend twice a day (morning, and evening) on sweat prone areas. Users also find they love putting it in their purse or gym bag for spritzes on the go. Experiment to see what works best for you!

Shake First, Mist Second
Make sure you shake the bottle before every single use. Otherwise the AOBs will settle to the bottom and you won't dispense as many of them when you spray.

Spray AO+ Mist Last
If you're using other products, use the Mist last. For example, if you have an SPF, let that absorb first, and then spritz the mist on. 

Every microbiome is unique. This means that the way you might respond to the AO+ Mist might be different from the person next to you. What it looks like to restore and rebalance your skin biome is different for every individual. We do expect you to feel a real impact and connection with how the AO+ Mist interacts with your skin.

Where to use:
Give a full spray to your scalp morning and night.  This may help reduce home often you need to wash your hair and help with dryness.

Mist directly on your face, or you can spray into your hands and rub onto your face and neck.  Mist your face after using any other products.  Mist your face in the morning after applying moisturizers or makeup, and then again at night as the last thing night before you go to bed.

Mist morning and night to reduce the need for frequent showers.  You have plenty of Bacterial down there.  Safe for use on babies and children to nurture healthy skin in this sensitive area.
Mist as needed under your arms, especially after showering or before a sweaty activity like working out.  

The bacteria in your Mist love sweaty areas, and this includes your hands!  Mist after a day full of hand washing and/or use of antibacterial gels to restore your hands microbiome

The bacteria in your Mist feed off of sweat and the byproduct produced can help fight odor causing bacteria.  Mist morning and night, or before any sweaty activity.