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Is Probiotic Skincare the Answer you have been looking for?


Does your skin feel balanced or is it fighting you?

More and more people are discovering the benefits of Probiotic Skincare everyday.   Wether it is people with chronic skin issues or those just looking for healthier approaches to their fail skin regime, the answer may be as simple as letting your skin's Microbiome take care of itself.

This important principle is the same as we have learned about in taking care of bacteria in our gut.  The past few decades have educated us on the importance of introducing good bacteria to our gut, to help create a health gut Microbiome.  Your body has a number of distinctly different microbiomes and our current approach to personal care leaves the largest of these, the skin microbiome, damaged everyday.  Our modern regiments have caused us to become obsessed with killing all bacteria on our skin, effectively sterilizing our skin on a daily basis.  We then use multiple products to help compensate for the damage we cause.  Often with mixed results.  Many doctors believe this is the root cause of the dramatic increase in skin diseases such as Acne, Eczema (Shī zhěn) and other problem skin conditions.

AO+ Restorative Mist, puts an important bacteria back on our skin.  It is a bacteria found every where in nature and on all mammals, except humans. It help restore important bacteria to the skin, which then acts as a peacekeeper, keeping bad bacteria under control and allowing other good bacteria to flourish.  The resulting Microbiome provides balance to your skin.


Soman Chainani, Filmmaker and New York Times best-selling author from the The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss: What is the best investment you’ve ever made? Does anything come to mind for you? It doesn’t have to be the best but it could be one of the best investments.

Soman Chainani: This is so small but it made such a big difference in my life, which was that I had struggled with acne for a lot of my teenage years, and it was something I couldn’t get rid of. And as an adult., just having breakouts and stuff. It starts to get in your head a little bit that you couldn’t get rid of it. and so you try everything. That’s the problem when you’re built like me and a lot of your listeners, you try every effing thing. So you’re going to doctor after doctor. You’re trying antibiotics, you’re trying creams, you’re trying every kind of soap. And I just had had it; I just gave up.

Then I read this story in the New York Times about a company that had started. It was called AOBiome.  I became one of their early adopters. I was one of the first ten people to try the product.  It’s a probiotic spray. It’s a spray that’s just pure water and bacteria that’s supposed to naturally reside in your skin. Their hypothesis was animals don’t really have skin issues as regularly as humans do because they have a certain kind of bacteria that sort of oxidizes all the bad bacteria.  Within three days my skin was clear and I’ve been using it three and a half years.

It cured my acne and skin problems permanently. It’s a spray with oxidizing bacteria that restores your skin to its natural balance. If I could buy this for every teenager in America, I would.”




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